Foundation: A Ginger’s Worst Nightmare

Written by J

Being a ginger has its ups and downs. Sure, I have pretty hair and freckles, but I’ll be damned if I can’t find a foundation that fits my skin tone!

Most drug store brands have a range of 6-10 tones, usually the lightest being Ivory. As a younger, more immature ginger, I thought Ivory was perfect for me…until I stood in decent lighting. I would have a very clear foundation line with an orange cast. Of course, I thought this made me look tan, but looking back on old pictures I realize how god-awful it was!

After listening to me complain, M took me to Sephora. For those living under a rock, Sephora has Color IQ, which is a skin tone matching machine. They will determine your skin tone and then match you to a foundation in the store.

I was matched with Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet formula in No. 15 Alabaster.


Since I also have redness around my mouth, this was the PERFECT foundation for me! It has medium coverage and goes on very light and smooth.

I have since found a drug store foundation that is fairly close–Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Foundation in Light Porcelain.



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