B’s Daily Face Routine/ Makeup

Written by B

I am really picky when it comes to face cleansers.  I also tend to have sensitive skin, eczema, and overall skin allergies, so I tend to be cautious when trying face products (makeup included).  Because of this, when I find something I love I tend to use it until my skin becomes used to it and it’s no longer effective.  At that point, I rotate one product out for a while before reintroducing it.

Yes, it is as annoying as it sounds.

As such, I have my favorites and have listed them below.

Face Cleanser/Scrubs:
St. Ives Green Tea Scrub
For when I have more acne than usual.  (Use it in the shower.)


St. Ives Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub

Use this more often in the winter when my skin is dryer and my acne isn’t as bad. (Use in the shower.)


Shea Moisture African Black Soap

When my skin is REALLY bad and yet, is still sensitive, I turn to this. (Use this in the shower.)


Philosophy Purity Cleanser

When my skin has taken a beating or I’ve been wearing makeup every day and I need a deep clean.


Facial Moisturizer:

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil Free

Self- explanatory.


Makeup Remover:

Pond’s Cold Cream

An oldy but still a goody.  I grew up watching my grandmother use this and I’ve been hooked on it since the first time I tried it.  Doesn’t work well around my eyes which can be annoying.


Green Goo Face Wash

A recent (as of Dec 2016) addition.  Was given to me as a gift and it’s the most amazing product I’ve used.  It smells DIVINE and doesn’t irritate my skin in ANY way.  LOVE.


I usually use a microfiber cloth to remove my makeup, with the products listed above.


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