Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Written by J

The concept of not washing your hair everyday had been alien to me most of my life. Why not wash your hair? Won’t it get greasy? Won’t it smell?

All the way from elementary school to college, I thought people who didn’t wash their hair everyday were dirty or lazy. I would sit and ponder how people handled this before modern showers were invented. Did people just have greasy, smelly hair all the time?

After many stern talkings-to from friends on the subject, I decided to try washing my hair every other day to see what it would be like.

Last week, I washed my hair on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. I used dry shampoo on the in-between days.

My hairstylist also suggested that I start using a heat protectant on the days I do wash my hair, since I typically flat-iron it.

I have noticed that my hair seems to be much fuller and healthier-looking since I started doing this.

I saw a headline for an article about co-washing hair. I’m not quite sure what that is, so I’ll do some research on it for a future post.


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