Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palettes

Written by B

For this post, I’ve attached links to the palettes on

I own 5 eye shadow palettes from this brand and love them dearly.  They are all very blendable, affordable, and work with my sensitive skin.  They are also highly pigmented.  Only one of the palettes, the Iconic 3, did I purchase with my own money.  The rest were gifts or cast-offs from J. (Don’t worry, as my makeup loving bestie, we both know to sanitize makeup before sharing it.)

1) Iconic 3 ($7.00)
This is the first Makeup Revolution Palette I ever bought. I was looking for a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.  While this palette doesn’t quiet deliver, it’s still a good rosy toned neutral collection.  It is similar to the New-Trals vs. Neutrals palette (see $4) but that one has more rose and this one had more brown.

2) Unicorns Unite ($10.00)
This was a delightful “Grateful You Didn’t Die” gift from J after last summer hahahaha.  I have not yet played with this palette but I plan to very soon.  I will possibly be doing a purple eye look with this palette in the very near future.

3) Girls on Film ($10.00)
This palette is one that I am actually wearing today! Check Instagram to see the pic!  I love this shadow a lot, it’s mostly metallic with the neutral mattes at the bottom. I absolutely adore this palette!

4) New-Trals vs. Neutrals ($12.00)
I love this palette for its rosy tinted neutrals. I have cool-toned skin so it’s nice to have some neutrals that aren’t too warm, to play with.  I reach for this palette at minimum once a week when doing a neutral look with my Urban Decay Naked 2.  I like to get a little rose in there.

5) Essential Day to Night ($7.00)
This palette was a Christmas present form J this past holiday season and I just LOVE the pop of teal and the dark purple in here.  I haven’t had the chance to play with this palette like I want to.  SOON though!


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