B’s Longtime Love: Red Lips

Written by B

I absolutely LOVE red lips, the redder the better. I don’t know if it’s a holdover from my youth and loving vampires, (pre-Twilight style) or my adoration of the 1950’s retro winged eyeliner and red lip. (Still practicing that wing.)

I thought I’d swatch alk the red lipsticks, creams, glosses, etc that I have in my makeup collection. They’re listed below going left to right in the order they appear in the picture.

1. Ruby Woo by Mac: The ultimate red. A gift from my special man. (That’s when I knew he was special, he listened and bought me lipstick.) This red is the perfect red for my skin.

2. 965 Cherry Picking by WetnWild: To red about my opinion please check my WetnWild lipstick review.

3.Rebel Heart by Too Faced: a gift from J. A bit warmer than I would normally choose but I really like it on me.

4. Rich Blood by Jeffree Star: A little pinker than Ruby Woo. To give it credit, 3 days later and the stain is still on my arm from swatch in haha.

5. 111 Kiss of Life by Rimmel: A bright warmer red. Wear this usually in the spring and summer.

6. 505 Burning Lava by Rimmel: A bit darker than Ruby Woo. Love the texture of this one and number 16 below.

7. 06 Simply Red by Nyx: A nice soothing red balm-style lipstick. A gift from J.

8. Amsterdam by Nyx: I love Nyx”s soft matte lip creams, they’re delightful.

9. 890 Neon Red by Maybelline: My favorite summer red, almost orange. I wear these and some big aviators and I feel like I can conquer the world.

10. 922A Cherry On Top by WetnWild: To red about my opinion please check my WetnWild lipstick review. .

11. 405 Freida’s Red by L’Oreal: A recent purchase. Haven’t worn out and about yet, but the texture is so smooth I can’t wait.

12. Prim by Colourpop:A gift from J aND one of my favorite reds.

13. 107 by Rimmel:similar in scent and texture to 111, both of these were two of my first ever red lipsticks that I love to this day.

14.  918D Cherry Bomb WetnWild: To red about my opinion please check my WetnWild lipstick review. .

15. Mulberry by Ulta: A gift from J. Haven’t worm this out yet but it’s stunning and I will soon!

16. 307 Meteoric Matte by Rimmel: Like I said with the other Rimmel Matte lipstick, the texture of these are great.

17. Copenhagen by Nyx: I love this color, one of the darkest I own outside of blacks and greys.


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