Kat von D Foundation Review

Written by B

Sorry for the radio silence lovelies, we are finally getting settled here at the new site.  Hello to all our new readers! And welcome back to those who’ve stuck around. 🙂

So a couple weeks ago I went and got matched for foundation at Sephora.  After reading my blog post about my LOVE for drugstore foundations, this was a big step for me.  After speaking to the lovely lady Taylor, (I’ve been back since then and she recognizes me *warm fuzzies*) I found that Kat von D’s Lock-It Foundation in the shade Light 42 Neutral.  NOT that lightest shade they have, only the second.  I was fully surprised hahaha. I’m such a pasty human.

Foundation: Overall, I’d say the foundation is an AMAZING skin tone match for me, but the texture is so thick that it cakes around my nose.  Especially since I wear glasses, I’ve been trying to find ways to make it … spread thinner, if that makes sense.  Also, since it’s so light, I’m going to try mixing it with some other foundations I have.  I will update about that on our Instagram page. For right now, I’ll give this a 6.5/10.  Once it sets I don’t FEEL like I’m covered in cakey makeup, it can just look that way.  Also, it doesn’t settle around the nose area very well.
Image result for kat von d lock-it foundation light 42

Concealer: For the concealer, I went for the shade White-Out, which I now partly regret.  It is even thicker than the foundation, but lasts ALL DAY.  Sadly, I can’t wear too much of it as it’s WHITE as ALL GET OUT, literally in the name I know.  I like it but I don’t love it.  It gets a 7/10 for me.  It can be difficult to gauge how much to apply and it creases heavily if not powdered right away. I’ll keep using it until I can get me some Tarte Shape Tape. 🙂
Image result for kat von d lock-it concealer white out

Translucent Setting Powder: I only grabbed the powder when I was in the Sephora check out line when I purchased the foundation.  I haven’t used it enough to say whether I love it or not, but it doesn’t have a smell, goes on smoothly, and the packaging is cute.  I tend to go for my Coty powder most often, as it’s a bigger container to grab and I want to cherish this Kat von D powder, save it for special occasions.  For now, I’d say a solid 8/10.
Image result for kat von d lock-it powder

*Here are the looks I posted to our instagram where I’m wearing the foundation, concealor, and face powder.



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