Paint It Up

Hi guys! M here. This is my first blog post with 4 Average Ladies!

I had an art show today and apart from buying a cute top that matched my artsy personality pretty well, I wanted to do something other than my signature purple/brown go-to eyeshadow. I’m a painter and I love rainbow. I figured, why not do a water colored rainbow inspired look?

Usually I’ll do a gradient ombre type look with one bold color fading into a creamy light color of sorts towards my inner eyes. This time I did it a little differently. I dug through my makeup from X years ago – I don’t recommend keeping your makeup from your teenage years like I do; It’s probably not good for the eyes- I’m a rebel though. Don’t be a rebel like me; get yourself some un-expired, high pigmented fun makeup.

Anywho…After putting on my concealer meant to help the pigments I was about to infest my eyes with stay bolder and brighter; I blended the warmer colors directly onto my eyelids with blue and purple stacked above my now colorful eyelids. Add in a little shimmer, blend some more and voila! Done. Click here to see today’s look. Ignore the slightly worn off lipstick. I think next time I will go a little bolder and do an ombre lipstick as well. Purple? Blue? Yellow? Yellow sounds fun. 🙂

More fun looks to come soon. ❤


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