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Who are we? Four friends who happen to also have a deep and borderline obsessive love for everything beauty-related.  We decided that it was high time to make a blog of our own, since we don’t tend to see makeup guru’s who look like us.  Read below to see what we mean. 🙂


J: 30 years old, super ginger (creepy eyebrows and all!), glasses, tattooed (3), pierced (2), average body type, body-positive, fangirl, college student.

Sup buds, I’m J, and I’m relatively new to the whole beauty/makeup/looking like a grown up thing. I 100% blame B for my makeup OBSESSION! I feel like I live on YouTube and Instagram now, researching new products, comparing gurus, etc.

B likes to call me “gothic”, but really, I consider my aesthetic to be that of a punk rock librarian … about half of my wardrobe consists of cardigans.

I really like to experiment with different makeup looks. I am trying very, very hard to learn how to do winged eyeliner. So far, all of my attempts have failed miserably! I’m a bit weird in my makeup routine, however, since I almost never wear lipstick. (I hate my lips, so I don’t like to draw attention to them!)

I’m definitely the more free-spirited of the two of us. (Free spirited is just another term for impulsive and flighty!) I do work hard when it’s important, so I like to be freer with my hobbies. I am in treatment for a mental illness, so, of course, I will have good days and bad days. I’m truly lucky to have B in my life! She keeps me sane when I feel totally out of control!

My posts will probably center around the following topics: current makeup technique attempts, new products, opinions on YouTube gurus/Instagrammers, skincare, … and whatever else I feel like posting.


B: 28 years old, blonde-ish, glasses, tattooed (6), pierced (10), plus-size, body-positive, NERD, college student, TALLER THAN J.

Hi, I’m B, and I have been obsessed with makeup since about 2011, when I started working at Walgreens.  (I don’t work there anymore, but it’s still one of my fave places to go since I’m a drug store beauty junkie!)

I take 83% responsibility for J being just as obsessed with makeup as I am.  She had to sit there and listen to me blather on and on about the new makeup I was using, watching me stalk instagram accounts, tolerating me as I showed her YouTube videos, etc.  Over time, she morphed into a more obsessive makeup lover than me! My job was done. Haha.

In truth, it’s so refreshing that, for the first time in my life I have a best friend who shares so many of my same interests and a similar aesthetic.  While J tends to wear black on a nearly daily basis (her Gothic formative years showing through I guess), I like more color but we still dress in the same style.  The one main difference I would say, aside from the black hole that is J’s wardrobe, is my obsession with thrifting, particularly ugly sweaters and blazers.  What can I say, I’m an 80’s baby, big shoulder pads and clashing colors are in my blood.

J and I are both snarky ladies who wear glasses and have short hair; not the typical beauty guru.  We don’t have brows that are on fleek all the time, nor do we know what goes with what perfectly.  We don’t pretend to know anything other than the fact that we love makeup and love to try out new products!

I tend to be the more pragmatic of the two of us, a by product of nearly dying last summer (a story for the future).  I love to knit, read, keep my feet warm, annoy my S.O. with weird jokes, eat ramen, and taken 3 hour naps. (THE BEST!)  I am the third oldest of 7, so perpetual middle child syndrome I suppose.  Anything other than that, just ask!  I’m sure I’ll update this over time.

My posts  will focus on; drugstore faves, opinions on gurus/instagrammers/who I’m watching, product reviews (especially lip products, they’re my fave), and anything else that strikes my fancy.


M: 27 years old; look like I’m 18, tattooed (4), pierced (10), average body type, self taught artist and poet.

Hey all. I’m M. I live for all things creative and makeup just enhances that craving. Like J, I also blame B for my makeup OBSESSION! I thought I knew some about makeup and then we went to the store and she showed me so much more! I feel like I’ve fallen in the rabbit hole and it’s beautiful.

I’m still figuring out my style, but I have these creative bursts and my eyes want to make all things either rainbow, or dramatic and darker.

I really enjoy symmetry and blending multiple colors. I love watching YouTube and IG MUA artists blend brightly colored eye liners and mascaras together! So gorgeous! Some day I hope to master the falsies. For now though, I’m staying far away from them.

Similar to J, I also seek mental health treatment. Aside from therapy, I use creativity as my outlet. I’m incredibly happy that makeup can assist with that release and self expression!

My blog posts will primarily circle around a few topics but mostly blending, eyeshadow designs, and creative forms of makeup use in the photography world. I have a bit of a spazzing personality so don’t be surprised if I ramble and add in some randoms throughout.


C: 20 years old, brown hair, hazel eyes, average body-type, loud, opinionated, college student, tattoos (0), piercings (0). Wow, looks like I really need to step up my body art game…

Biggest girly tomboy you will ever meet. I love makeup that is pretty yet functional. From a young age I looked up to women that were both powerful and beautiful. Angelina Jolie and Michele Obama have been my biggest girl crushes as I have grown into a woman.

I started experimenting with makeup when I was about 11 years old. Writing, drawing, painting, and speech performance have been my hobbies all throughout my childhood. When I discovered makeup, I found it to be yet another creative outlet for me.

Experimenting with makeup has not just been a hobby for me, but a huge part of my life. Growing up, I dealt with negative body image issues, and anxiety disorder. Makeup allowed me to be completely focused on myself. I was able to turn myself into whatever version of myself that I wanted which helped me deal with the ongoing anxiety.

As I thrust myself further and further into the makeup world I gained more confidence in the idea that every body, face, and soul is beautiful and that we can do whatever good thing we want with our own.

My posts will mostly consist of makeup that can easily be worn for any occasion. I am a young college student whose life consists of writing essays, working, and going out. My busy schedule makes the need for adaptable looks very important!

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